María Elena León

More than 30 years in Regulatory Affairs in many areas of concern of Agrochemicals, Biocides Fertilizers and Semiochemical in Europe, Middle East and North Africa countries.

Our basic principles

Open new horizons is a leader line of our Cabinet. We have always paid special attention to the need to evolve and adapt our principles to the circumstances. We seek a permanently balance between our four fundamental principles:


  • Independence
    As business advisors, we always are independent from third-parties, especially in decision makin relating to suppliers or partners of our client.

  • Objectivity
    Our advice to succes is in the evaluation of risk and opportunities.

  • Competition
    We only offer our advice in those fields in wich we have proven competence.

  • Reliability
    No data or knowledge acquired in the process of consulting will be transmitted to third parties.


We will be pleased to advice you on your business objectives essential axes.



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